cole lyman CS, Bioinformatics & Life


Hi friend, welcome to my little part of the internet. As you noticed, my name is Cole. Here is a little bit about the various aspects of my life.


I am currently a student at Brigham Young University studying Computer Science and Bioinformatics. If you don’t know what Bioinformatics is, you can think of it as studying biology (namely DNA) using computers. I am also interested in data science and its implications on society.

I work in the Computational Sciences Lab at BYU with Dr. Mark Clement.


  • Implementing a version of GNUMAP (a read aligner) to utilize Graphical Processing Units (GPU).
  • Preliminary work for a tool to create synthetic VCF files.

Project at Harvard Medical School Summer Undergraduate Institute:

  • Comparison of multiple trajectory reconstruction methods for single-cell RNA-seq.