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  • Sep 28 2018 - #

    Turns out that upgrading to Mojave nukes all of your include files (which I was rudely made aware of when “string.h” couldn’t be found). Here is a solution that worked for me

  • Sep 22 2018 - #

    ↪️ replying to: 👍

  • Sep 22 2018 - #

    ↪️ replying to: This is such a cool idea! I have thought about building my own static blog system in Lisp (to replace Hugo), but there are so many nice things about Hugo (or any other existing library) that make things so easy! For example, I don’t really want to code up my own RSS feed

  • Sep 22 2018 - #

    I feel the call of the Lisp! I think I’m going to try to do my next Multi-Agent Systems lab in Common Lisp… I really hope that it isn’t a mistake to have my first real exposure to CL be in a lab

  • Sep 17 2018 - #

    ↪️ replying to: This seems like a pretty cool idea. Does anyone use this?

  • Sep 4 2018 - #

    ↪️ replying to: I had no idea that Haskell had Literate Programming baked in to it. This is really cool! Yet another reason to keep learning Haskell

  • Sep 3 2018 - #

    ↪️ replying to: 👍

  • Aug 31 2018 - #

    ↪️ replying to: I am looking forward to using this tool then next time that I need to create my own custom figures in LaTeX. I like the idea of TikZ, but I haven’t gotten sufficient activation energy to use it effectively.

  • Aug 24 2018 - #

    👍: super helpful, I didn’t realize that Org keywords can now be lowercase! This was one of my pet peeves with Org Mode when I first encountered it. Thanks @kaushalmodi!

  • Aug 22 2018 - #

    This seems like a pretty neat service:

  • Aug 20 2018 - #

    Pretty cool, the first website:

  • Aug 16 2018 - #

    Awesome example of communicating with child processes via pipes in C

  • Aug 14 2018 - #

    I know that C is old and that many aspects of the language seem to be lots of trouble compared to some of the newer, fancier languages; but, somethings about it seem so elegant and simple. For example, creating pipes for child processes.

  • Aug 14 2018 - #

    This is definitely something that I want to do in the near future thanks for the inspiration @aaronpk!

  • Aug 13 2018 - #

    Pretty sweet article about FP in JS

  • Aug 9 2018 - #

    I really enjoy the exercise of trying to write one’s thoughts. It certainly leads to being able to express oneself better. I really need to write more!

  • Jul 20 2018 - #

    For those of you that use CMake, there are some nice variables for platform independent static/shared library suffixes: ${CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_SUFFIX} and ${CMAKE_STATIC_LIBRARY_SUFFIX}. There are also prefix variables too!

  • Jul 17 2018 - #

    Hours of debugging this morning, and Kaleb helped me find the bug!

  • Jul 17 2018 - #


  • Jul 13 2018 - #

    I have literally programmed all day long, 12 hours. I consider that a success!

  • Jul 13 2018 - #

    @manton Not sure if this is a bug with, but when I imported posts where the .u-url was relative to my blog, then the links that provided were relative to (dead links). With absolute urls the links point to my blog just fine. Thanks for!

  • Jul 13 2018 - #

    The key to debugging is checking your assumptions every step of the way. What makes it hard is that there can be so many assumptions along those steps.

  • Jul 13 2018 - #

    Let’s celebrate! Sending a micropub without a slug is working now. Aw, yeah.

  • Jul 13 2018 - #

    I have really been enjoying writing my site using hugo. The syntax is fairly straightforward, and things start to make sense pretty quickly.

  • Jul 13 2018 - #

    My site has support for https now! It is literally so easy with @netlify + @letsencrypt. Great job!

  • Jul 13 2018 - #

    I really enjoy the flexibility of using the IndieWeb standards provides. Use which ever tool is best suited for what you are looking for, and if there isn’t a tool for the job then you have the specifications to write it yourself!

  • Jul 13 2018 - #

    This is definitely my second real micropub post. Many hours of work to get to this point! Still haven’t decided if it was worth it, but I am starting to think that it is.

  • Jul 13 2018 - first-micropub-post

    This is possibly my first real micropub post…