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You Don't Know How Bad You Are Until You Try to Be Good

One interesting phenomenon that I have noticed in myself is that I perceive that I am better than I actually am in reality. Call it pride or high expectations; either way, it seems that I never realize where I was until I begin to improve. When we don’t try to improve ourselves, we will have nothing to compare ourselves to in the future. If we never surpass our current state, then we will never realize that we were ever lacking in our old state.

I have also noticed that the moment that we begin on the path of improvement it seems as if that path is impossibly difficult, so much more difficult than it was before. I believe that this is due to the fact that change is difficult, and as stated previously, I believe that my abilities are higher than they are in reality.

Why try to improve?

Some may ask what the point is in striving to do your best? Is your current state not good enough? I can only speak for myself (obviously), so why do I strive to do my best? I see achieving your highest potential as the greatest challenge this life has to offer. Whether it be in sports, music, academics, or business, it is human nature to embrace difficulties and overcome them. I see overcoming weaknesses and flaws in my character as a challenge that is to be overcome, that I enjoy immensely.

Why is improving so difficult?

You don’t know how hard improving is going to be until you attempt it. If our current state of being isn’t easy or comfortable, then we wouldn’t that way in the first place. It is much easier to stay the way you are than to fundamentally change your character; however, change for the better is always worth it, no matter how difficult it was. Doing what we have always done is definitely easier, but making the change that we want can bring the satisfaction back to life that we may be lacking.


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